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River rafting with a teenager

Recently I had someone ask me if their teenager would get bored on a river trip during the float time and I remembered a trip I took last year on the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon out of Moab, Utah.

It is a unique situation when you don’t know how your teenager may enjoy a river trip and the differences that life on the river presents.  I took my 16 year old on the Cataract Canyon 4 day tour last year and between the beauty of the canyon, the hikes, the new friends and the swimming in the Colorado River he was not bored for a minute.  Mind you, my son is not a water rat but he loved the trip and has memories for a lifetime!  It is amazing how they can forget and let go of the electronic gadgets that seem to keep a person entertained in society and return to the simple way of life.  Imagining just how small we are in this universe when we experience a river that has taken thousands of years to carve itself through miles of rock can keep anyone’s mind busy.  A river trip with Western River Expeditions is also an educational experience, not like being in school but seeing and understanding first hand the history of the area.  Seeing Native American petroglyphs and pictographs along with Indian graineries where food was kept takes a person back in time.


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