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Salmon River Float Trips

I was just talking on the phone to someone who was asking me about a Salmon River Float Trip.  I was telling them that my husband and I went on the Main Salmon River Trip a few years ago in August.  We had such a great time.  We had a chance to be in the paddle boat and an inflatable kayak as well.  Having a paddle in your hands certainly brings a new level of excitement to a river trip.
We traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah to Boise, Idaho and then took a charter flight from Boise to Salmon, Idaho.  We were amazed at the big sandy beaches in that beautiful Alpine setting.  The guides prepared some fantastic meals.  The water was warm enough to swim in yet the nights were cool and great for sleeping under the stars.  There were some fun hikes – even a welcome hot springs.   And, to top it off the guides shampooed the ladies’ hair the last night of the trip with heated water.  I guess you could call this a Salmon River Float Trip but it certainly had more whitewater than we expected.  We were very pleased with the whole adventure.

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