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“Showerin’ Up At Travertine Falls” – Colorado River Adventures

I booked this Grand Canyon rafting trip while I was “enjoying” my morning commute.

The drive from the San Fernando Valley to my home in Redondo Beach, usually only took an hour and a half.  I should have been learning Spanish, but on this particular Friday morning, I had “had it!”

So this is what happened…”Siri, find me rafting in the Grand Canyon.”

By the time I was home, I had completely lucked-out and zeroed-in on my whitewater rafting trip with Western River Expeditions.  I actually couldn’t believe it.  I had to make a few things happen at work.  I made a few phone calls and booked my trip on a Saturday and left on a Sunday!

On that first day, as we met the rapids on the Colorado River, with the Grand Canyon’s beautiful red hues rising into the spectacular clear blue, I had a fleeting thought and image play in my head.  It was me, just three days earlier, “floating” down the 110 Harbor Freeway through the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where the concrete jungle rose to meet the smog-filled morning air.  I smiled and laughed out loud!

Matthew – Redondo Beach, California


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