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The Best Guides in the World

Western River Expeditions Old School CrewIf you read the blogs posted by our guests, you’ll find a common theme.  The guides are one of the best things about our river trips.

It’s really true.  The canyons of the Colorado and Green Rivers are spectacular, and the rivers are awe inspiring, but the guides bring it all together and take it to an indescribable level.  We have been very blessed over the years to have had some of the best people on the planet work as our guides.  We still keep in touch with many of them who have moved on to other endeavors, and they all count their years on the river as some of the best years of their lives.

In this photo, our trainees and trainers from our 1979 crew pose for a photo.  From left to right Bill Skinner (works for US Ski Team and guided for nearly 30 years), Randy George (guided and managed for Western, and now is an executive for Stansport), Chris Peterson (guided for Western and then Canyoneers for nearly 30 years), Doug Guest (guided) , Wayne Gold (guided and managed for Western, ran Cataract Canyon at 118,000 cubic feet per second in 1984), Loren Watson (guide), Kelly Stevens (guided and now works as a commercial pilot), Roy Christenson (guided and managed), Mike Milligan (guide and authored a book about Westwater Canyon), Kirk Nichols (guide, kayak instructor), Joni Sutherland (a pioneering woman guide), Ross Jared (guide), and Jim Siepman (guide, kayak instructor).

This is literally a snapshot from the middle of our 50 year history.  2011 is our 50th Anniversary.  We’re going to have a lot of fun dragging out old photos.

Brian Merrill

Brian started his river career in 1984 and thought it would be a good summer job while in college. Along the way, he met his wife Dena, who also worked as a guide, tried a different career for a while, but came back to the river. His two older children have worked as river guides and his youngest is waiting his turn. Brian now serves as President and CEO of Western and is grateful, every day, for the wonderful people with whom he gets to work.

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