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The Serenity of the San Juan River, UT: In Preparation for the Green River

Preparing for Green River on the San Juan

River tripping is one of the greatest southwest adventures one can do. You can see scenery that is only available to the river-rat's eyes and discover ancient petroglyphs and pictographs and see ruins still standing along the rivers edge and imagine their life-styles.

My grandfather, Bert Lauzon, went down the Grand Canyon with the Kolb Brothers and he is in the Grand Canyon film show that the Kolb Studio showed there for many years. He is credited with swimming into the Colorado river and saving one of them from drowning. My great-grandfather built the first trans-canyon trail, Bass trail. My dad went down the Colorado river before Glen Canyon Dam was built. I went down the Grand Canyon on my 50th birthday and spent time at my great-grandmother's & fathers home at Bass Camp. I love the river trips in the canyons of Arizona and Utah.

I have never gone down the Green River in Desolation Canyon and it is on my bucket list. I would love, love, love to go down the Green River with Western River!

I have posted a photo of a friend of mine going down the San Juan River (I have no digital photos of my previous river trips). He is a descendent of the Wetherills of the Mesa Verde, Kiet Seel, Rainbow Bridge explorers.

So – make my day! The Green River is calling me to go with your crew and enjoy the great food, sights, and adventures that you provide!

Eugenia V. – Sedona, AZ

Green River Rafting Through Desolation Canyon

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