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My 3-Day Trip Was a Spectacular Introduction to the Colorado River


| May 26, 2017

The trip was organized ever so efficiently. I appreciate how much experience, skill and people skills goes into guiding these trips, and keeping guests safe and happy. Shad, Lucky, Justin and Jacey worked nonstop, with good spirit, humor and gusto. They are absolute pros, and good cooks to boot. The equipment was great, tents and cots easy to put together; the guides gave us clear, concise instructions, and assisted as needed. The commentary, covering history, natural history, flora and fauna, was fascinating--an excellent introduction to the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. I will reread Cadillac Desert with new understanding.

For me, the trip was mostly glamping, which was fine.

I have one suggestion, or a question. The first day using the tented outhouse, the aluminum box was clean and fresh. By the third day, it was full and stinky--far beyond outhouse stench. Probably the open-air, untented box was a lot more pleasant to use, though I didn't figure that out until the third day. Is there a heavy plastic liner--approved for septic use--that could be used in the aluminum box and changed every other day--without exposing the guides to hazardous waste? We had cool weather. I can imagine that when it's 100 F that the tented potty would be unbearable. I realize there is no perfect way to carry out solid waste on a camping trip, and the guys did their level best. It's a matter of reducing the stench. Otherwise, the tented potty was clean.

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