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A Family Trip That Was So Worth It!!


| September 17, 2014

I signed up for the 4 day River and Ranch trip through the Grand Canyon with my dad and 2 sisters and it was SO WORTH IT!

We got dirty, tried new things, slept under the stars, shared our thoughts, jumped off a cliff......into the river, that is!  All the scenery was 'bigger than life.' I loved all the transportation--that was an adventure in itself--the Dornier 228 aircraft that took us to the Bar 10 Ranch, the horses at the ranch, the helicopter that took us to the Colorado River, the J-rig that took us down the river, the jet boat. I loved them all! I loved showing stars and constellations to family, guides, the staff at the Bar 10 and anyone else silly enough to stay awake under the big, dark sky. (Hercules! Cassiopeia! the Big Dipper! Cygnus!) We also ate very well, our guides saw to that.

Thank you! Once in a lifetime trip? I don't think so. I think we'll be back. :)

Kim - NE
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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