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A Once in a Lifetime Adventure! Colorado River Adventures


| May 22, 2015

Raft the Colorado River with Western River Expeditions!

They have the best rafts on the river. Some rapids are easier to navigate and you won't get totally drenched, but there are many rapids that will give you the ride of your life. And Lava Falls Rapids (rated 10) was unbelievable! On Lava Falls Rapids I lost both my hand holds on the first wave and was thrown flat onto my back into the valley between the pontoons. Thank goodness, I was not tossed out of the raft and I managed to grab a rope before the next wave hit. That was an amazing bronco ride. I loved it!

You do want to take advantage of an opportunity like this, if you have the chance. My husband and I were on an expedition that went 5 nights, 6 days, down the Colorado River, leaving May 5, 2015. The weather can be unpredictable that time of year and we did have some cold weather and rain; however, the rain only disrupted the activities of one evening. That evening many of us ate in our tents. The guides, Roni, Jeff, and Jeff took wonderful care of us and cooked great meals, no matter the weather. They set up umbrellas to cook under and the night of the rain made us Banana's Foster on ice cream. Every meal was a culinary event though and the guides seemed to love all the work! They were wonderful.

You will want to take advantage of the side hikes that are offered. They are well worth the climbs. Take shoes that will allow you to climb!

Toilet information: one of my worries! Don't worry! We loved that the spots chosen for the toilet always provided breath-taking views. One of our fellow travelers even suggested bringing a camera along on our visits to the toilet! For the women on the raft it was a little adjustment to find private coves at each stopover (for peeing in the river), but we learned how to deal with this little inconvenience. And it was a minor inconvenience, considering the wonders of the experience. Also, on our trip the river water was too cold to bathe in, so we relied much on our personal supply of wet wipes. Later in the season, when it is warmer, it probably would feel refreshing to bathe in the river. And we did get refreshed, as we swam and floated in the warmer, beautiful waters of the Little Colorado on the third day.

A plus of the trip for us was our wonderful fellow travelers. They were, without exception, great people to be with...and all of us loved and appreciated the hard work of Roni, Jeff, and Jeff, our talented, skilled, thoughtful, and full-of-fun guides. Their knowledge of the rock formations and history was incredible. We learned much!

If you are thinking of rafting down the Colorado, choose Western River Expeditions, and go!! It will be a once in a lifetime experience. One of the couples in our group (from Germany) had actually taken the trip down the river 17 years earlier, and they had come back to experience the river for the second time! Roni was their guide on both trips! Pretty exciting!

Mari - MS
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Western River Rafting Trip
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