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A Trip That Surpassed All Expectations. Colorado River Adventures


| September 4, 2015

This rafting trip was an opportunity for me to spend time with my 17-year-old son and for us both to experience one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

My son initially worried that he might get a bit bored of traveling down a river for 6 days on a raft. Not for a minute was he bored. We were both awed by the enormity and timelessness of the Grand Canyon and were reminded of our tiny place in the history of the world. A very welcome and necessary break from the frenetic nature of our typical world.

Our group of 28 ranged from 17 to 80 years. We quickly came to know and enjoy one another and were inclusive and respectful of everyone, a feat I think that spoke of the wonderful people on the trip as well as the expertise of the staff who were attuned to everyone's needs and abilities and could seamlessly meet those needs. There was even speak of a 5 year reunion!

The trip was well organized. Food was delicious, healthy and plentiful. Staff were attentive to the small as well as large details that made for a safe and fun experience. The rapids were exciting, but just a small aspect of what makes this trip a must do trip. Words can't really explain the impact of the enormity of this experience.

Sian - Canada
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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