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Amazing Guides – Too Much Fun – Beautiful Scenery


| November 8, 2016

The guides were amazing and have outstanding knowledge of the Grand Canyon geology. The scenery was stunning and breathtaking.

So much fun riding the rapids especially in the front. I was badass, I rode 40 rapids in one day and even with full gloves on the skin on my knuckles came off and got swollen. Totally worth it as it is an amazing and unique expedition. In the summer, the raingear came in handy and kept me warm while it was raining and as I rode the waves. I brought my own sleeping pad because the cot's railing is rather hard which made for a good nights sleep under the stars. I also brought a solar shower but there really was no where to hang it and you still had to be "in the river" to use it. Only suggestion is to claim your tent throughout the trip. Would do it again!

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