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As Good As It Gets – Colorado River Adventures


| September 4, 2013

The best view of the Grand Canyon is from the bottom looking up. This is a case of nature at its finest. An experience you'll talk about for years.

The 6 day Grand Canyon adventure was a trip of a lifetime.  Western River didn't miss a single detail. This was the easiest camping trip I've ever taken. As long as we could get to the designated meeting point in Vegas at the right time, they took care of everything else.  If you're even thinking about doing this, don't hesitate. The rapids are a real rush, and you'll be high five-ing each other at the bottom when you get through them. The meals are fantastic.  The guides are a pure joy.  Western knows that the guides are the face of their organization from their guests point of view, and they do a great job selecting them.  They know their stuff and they are all about hospitality and your experience.

You have to make peace with the bathroom routine, but this isn't a Super 8 - its nature. Depending on where you sit, you will get wet, sometimes very wet.  Rain gear is essential until you get used to the river, but after a few days you'll shed it and enjoy the waves.  Sun screen is a must.  And a hat.  Leave your white noise generator at home, because the sound of the river will lull you to sleep.  I wanted to photograph every turn of the river, but my desire to take pictures was trumped by my desire to hang on with both hands.

Brian - Minneapolis
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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