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Awesome Family Rafting Trip


| October 28, 2013

This rafting trip was the perfect trip for our family of four (with 2 teenagers).

We were lucky enough to call Western River Expeditions a couple of months out and there was a cancellation on the Grand Canyon 4 day trip (we were hoping for a 7 day trip). I originally was not looking forward to the night at the ranch because I thought it would be a bit hokey, but I loved it. They did a great job of making it fun for everyone, and it gave a really good sense of what it was like to live and survive in that climate and area.

The helicopter ride to the put-in felt every bit the rock star experience it is.

The Western River whitewater crew was TOP NOTCH. They did everything possible to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. They had a great sense of humor and with the exception of the nightly sand storms, I can't think of anything that could have been improved upon.

I got to watch my 2 teenage kids really shine during this trip, which is always a joy for any parent. They enjoyed the adventure, were eager to help when help was needed, loved the whitewater and the days hikes and as parents it was a pleasure to watch them rise to the small challenges that presented themselves (mainly some somewhat harsh weather that they had never experienced). There were enough people on the trip for some time away from us, but close enough proximity that we all had together time too. It was perfect!

I would not hesitate to recommend Western River Expeditions or our guides RD and Parker to anyone.

Pam - Atlanta, GA
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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