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Best Family Trip Ever!


| September 20, 2011

This was truely the best family trip we have ever taken. I was a little nervous about the trip because camping is really not my idea of a vacation. We booked the trip with our 14 year old son in mind but we soon found out that this was a wonderful experience for us all. The guides are extreamly knowledgable and we never felt unsafe on the trip. Our children rode on the front of the raft through the fastest rapids in North America laughing the entire time. The beauty of the Canyon from the river is undescribable. This trip is truely priceless. If you love quality family time and memories that will last a lifetime, book today. You won't regret the decision. Sleeping under a sky full of shooting stars is very hard to forget. We recommend the 6 day adventure because 3 just won't be enough.

Dana - Chapin, South Carolina
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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