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Best Family Week EVER!


| March 6, 2018

Our best family vacation ever was this week spent in the Grand Canyon!

I don't want to spoil any surprises so let me just share a few tips:

* If you are told to do something or bring something, DO IT! Don't second guess the experts!

* You'll not likely meet such passionate, professional, accomplished guides anywhere else. They are living the life they love and busting their backsides to give you the trip of a lifetime. Get to know them.

* Get to know your fellow travelers. They have neat backstories. Boring people don't run rivers.

* Go with the flow. No one cares, no one is watching. No one judges. Bodily functions are natural and normal.

* Enjoy it! YOLO.

* Tell all your family and friends you are now part of an elite fraternity.

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