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Best Trip of My Life


| April 15, 2010

World's Best River Guide "Lucky" Thank you for the best trip of my life. I want to make sure you're aware of how impressed I was with your guides. All four were wonderful. I can't fathom a better trip leader than Lutke. What an amazing person. There was no doubt from the start that we were in good hands. He knew every nook and cranny of that canyon and all the Corey ...What a bonus! Another bundle of knowledge, particularly geology and he had a genuine interest in it that was fun to witness. Both these guys had great personalities and knew their stuff...Had the group read perfectly, knew the dynamics, led us along at the ideal pace. There's no way you could find two better guides/people.  I have been jumping up and down with glee about this trip and Western River since getting home. Telling people not to even bother with other companies....I just hope they get "Lucky" and Corey.....

Another thing I want you to be aware of.   There was an amazing person along for the ride. His name was Ben Sorensen and is an employee at the Bar 10 Ranch which takes care of us at the end of the trip. Apparently strings were pulled allowing him to come along. He had never done the upper stretch of the Grand Canyon but was well aware of all the highlights having listened to guest stories at the ranch. His perspective was such a bonus to everyone and his joy constant. Thank you for letting him come along, it definitely added to the experience...He also said, and made me feel re-assured, that all the companies on the river were good but Western was the best....and you knew it wasn't b.s. coming from a knowledgeable outside perspective. By the way.. our brief stay at Bar 10 Ranch was very soothing....

Thanks again and again!!!

Steve Powers  - Shawnee, KS

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