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Colorado River


| November 9, 2018

This rafting trip on the Colorado River was amazing. I did not want to leave and I cannot recommend it enough. I don't usually write reviews, but this time I felt compelled to do so.

Our guides, Stephen, Lindsay, Steph, and Justin were all hilarious, informative, and helpful. They gave us great information on the politics, history, and geology surrounding the canyon. . . and just when you thought the trip couldn't get any better, they would show up with a story or a joke, play an instrument on the beach, offer a warm freshly baked cake, or emerge in costume in the middle of a downpour or sandstorm.

All of the guests on our trip were friendly and nice. We came from all different places and everyone got along well.

The scenery was beautiful and the hikes were great. We always felt safe as our guides were considerate of the weather and flash floods.

My only complaint is that it was so fun, I am having trouble reintegrating into real life. I am just so grateful for the experience and would urge anybody on the fence to go for it!

Colorado River Rafting

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