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Colorado River Adventure That is Challenging But Worth Every Minute!


| August 30, 2012

I am a 66 year old retired teacher who really wanted to raft through the Grand Canyon but who worried about whether I could physically manage it. My right knee is not as strong as it used to me, nor is my balance. I was afraid to ask about how you go to the bathroom during the day!  I worried about whether I could handle the hikes.

All that said, I went on this Colorado River adventure trip and had a wonderful time! Yes, I crawled over the pontoons instead of nimbly leaping up on them like the young kids in our group. I "sucked rubber" while going over the rapids. I figured out how to take "smile breaks" and pee in the water and use the camp porta-potty. I went on most of the hikes, just at a slower pace. At no point did the guides or guests make me feel embarrassed - instead they were encouraging and helpful. The river, the scenery and history of the Grand Canyon, the fun group made it a trip of a lifetime for me!

Kathleen - Phoenix
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