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Colorado River Adventures


| October 5, 2017

Absolutely amazing adventure. It was totally frickin' awesome! The water was really cold and muddy, but so what? The rapids were huge and Hermit Rapid is holding my GoPro in perpetuity because the head mount is no match for the power of that water. So, all my cool videos are gone but not the awesome memories.

Sometimes guides can be boring, ho-hum individuals...Not this 2 boat crew of 4. Mark, the old man of the sea, what a great guy and does he know that river..ummm yeah he surely does. Alex, young as my son (Alex) - what a hard working young man, didn't even complain when retrieving the latrines. Stephen, he's getting married soon, good luck with that Stephen...good thing you're already married to the river. Awesome guide and boatsman. Keifer, funny guy, I have several selfies of him that he was not authorized to take, but took upon himself to do anyway. Watch your back Keifer...I have my eye on you! (He even photo-bombed the below photo!!) But seriously, these 4 men were hard working, friendly and down to earth. It's nice to know that there are still young men (Sorry Mark, you are too old for this to apply to you) that understand the meaning of hard work and manners.

The trip was an absolutely tremendous experience, if you don't go - shame on you, you have no idea what you are missing. Great food, tons of laughs, (did I mention the river being cold and muddy?) great friends made, what a blast.

Thanks Western River for giving me and my family the vacation of a lifetime. Hey, if you happen to see my GoPro while running Hermit, please grab it..



Colorado River Rafting

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