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Colorado River Adventures


| May 14, 2019

We were told when we started out on the rafts for this Colorado River rafting trip that this would be the trip of a lifetime. It was.

We found the beauty of the Grand Canyon a bit overwhelming at times, sensory overload, but in a good way.

The other reviews talk about the guides and ours did not disappoint. We could have used a bit more info on the geology but they did hit all the major historical information and sites. They worked so hard to get us safely through the canyon. They basically slaved for us, cooking and taking care of us.

Living in the elements on the river for 6 days was challenging but after we got over the hump about day 3 it was amazing. It takes about 3 days to acclimate and figure out the routine for camping.

It was an emotional experience unlike anything I’ve ever had. Don’t wait until you are too old as living on the river is not always easy. We went at the end of April and the weather was perfect.

Colorado River Rafting

Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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