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Colorado River Adventures – Hopes and Dreams…


| September 20, 2018

Ever since seeing "Ten Who Dared" when I was very young circa 1966, my number one "adventure" wish has been to raft down the Colorado River in the footsteps of John Wesley Powell. Thanks to Western River Expeditions and an "A Team" staff, we were able to do just that. I cannot say enough great things about the team we had: Wiley, RD, Corey, and Kiefer--they were just the best, and very fun to be around.

This team had 60+ years of combined experience. That knowledge came through every day, every hour, whether it was in tips to stay safe, prepare our bags or camps, excellent "chef" work at mealtime, interesting and informative vignettes about the Grand Canyon's history, geology, and personalities, or just the superlative guest-focused efforts of all four. These guys are truly studs!

This was a special trip for us, as I was able to share it with my son, and enjoy a special bond welded by the amazing sights and experiences we shared, all thanks to the Western River team. Sitting by the Colorado River in the wee hours, drinking good whiskey, smoking cigars, and conversing about life--what a special time.

Words hardly do justice in conveying thanks to Wiley, RD, Corey, and Kiefer, but suffice to say, they will be in our collective memories for a very long time.

Well Done WRE!

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