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Colorado River Rafting Trip


| July 30, 2019

I'm not much of a rugged outdoorswoman, so I was nervous and excited before this rafting trip. Staring at the mountain of suggested clothing and items, I could not imagine that I'd actually need a headlamp with a red light, a microfiber towel, gloves for gripping the raft straps, quick-dry undies or a hat with a giant brim. Turned out that I used every single thing, nothing more and nothing less, so it was the perfect packing list.

When we stood on shore peering nervously at the heavily loaded rafts along with random strangers who looked equally uncertain, I wondered if this was such a great idea after all. Our helicopter disappeared and there we were with our guides Wylie, Marc, Stephanie and Ben, hoping they knew what they were doing and understood that we definitely did not. We clumsily clamored aboard and off we went for three days of crazy fun rapids, majestic scenery and the starriest nights I have ever seen. Also three days of roasting heat, freezing water, delicious meals and sand in every possible part of our bodies. We learned to put together tents, cots and chairs by ourselves, how to pee anywhere, any time and with anyone, how to strain cowboy coffee, and some of the worst jokes I've ever heard (thanks, Marc).

We discovered we could ask our guides absolutely anything and they would help us, and that their whole goal was to keep us safe and having as much fun as anyone could possibly wish for. For example, one night when I happened to be awake around 4 a.m. I even saw Wylie surreptitiously check on the well-being of a guest who had a possible medical issue. I was amazed that our guides were so vigilant around the clock, far more than we guests ever realized.

All in all, our three day rafting adventure was more than I'd ever hoped for, and will never be forgotten. Even though there were moments when I thought I'd melt from the heat, cold and sand, I am SO glad I went. Plus I now own so much rafting attire that I might even try another adventure with this superb river outfit!

I am 65 and feeling more alive!

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