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Colorado River


| October 11, 2017

I have always wanted to experience the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon. Having visited every rim, this river trip has revealed the amazing wonder and beauty of the inner canyon and historic Colorado River.

Our guide Mark, was an incredible story-teller. He describes each rapid and the people who attempted them. He is a geology expert, river expert, and just on overall super person with a perpetual smile from truly enjoying interacting with his guests and joy of working as a guide. RD is a superior boatmen and leader. He has a very soft spoken, but also commanding presence joining his qualities as an excellent leader, but also caring and very friendly demeanor. Safety is his main priority and he displays this by gentle reminders of potential hazards and answering all questions in a very friendly never condescending manner. He is just a superb leader. Skinnny is also a highly skilled boatmen and just a super friendly and very cool person. Stephanie has an amazing friendly and caring presence. Her face just lights up with a smile during all guest interactions. The entire guide team truly works so well together as a team with the guests safety and comfort always as their first priority. They are all also amazing chefs. The food on this trip was like being on a giant cruise ship. This group can really cook some gourmet food! What a team!

I can't wait to go on a Western River trip again. This company is the gold standard of river expeditions.

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