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Eye Opener on the Colorado River


| August 24, 2012

I returned home from Vegas on Wednesday and although it's Friday, I am still thinking of and wishing I was still on the bottom of that Grand Canyon! You must visit the Bar 10 Ranch and when you do, give Garth a hug for me!  On the Colorado River, I saw a piece of heaven, made new friends, and for four days, I was unaware of the time. Literally, I had no idea if it was 8 am or 11 am and since they keep you well fed, you can't use hunger to help you decide the time. I'm trying to take that concept with me off the canyon. On weekends, I am making a point to shut off the cell phone and disconnect for a bit. I will be back and when I am, it will be for the 7 day trip!  On the third day, bonds were made and the last thing any of us wanted to do was separate! Hugs and smiles sent to Lucky, Jeff, Lindsey, and Chappy!!

Lee Ann Nederland, Texas
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

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