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Magnifique!!!! Family Adventure Vacation


| September 4, 2012

My two teenage daughters and I joined Evan, Tom, Ben, and Kurt for 6 days of natural bliss, away from all modern, worldly things on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Being with family and making new friends was delightful and FUN! The Grand Canyon is truly spell binding and magnificent, and Western River has gotten down pat the fine art of rapid-riding, cliff-climbing, waterfall-wandering, and copious-cuisine-ing! Thank you, Sandy et al for a wonder-full week on the river. May everyone take that opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy God's creations up close and personal.

Just a few word associations...power loungers, fireline, assume rapid positions, suck rubber, pit stop, smile break, take the ticket, WILSON!
Gina - Oregon
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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