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| July 5, 2019

The Grand Canyon rafting experience is magnificent on its own. Just floating down the river seeing the unbelievably majestic scenery is amazing. But when you add the level of service you get with Western River Expeditions, it becomes an event of a lifetime.

My family (my wife and I, my 13 year old son, 15 year old daughter, and my grandparents), took a 7-day trip down the Grand Canyon. Our guides were Joe, R.D, Tyler, and Mackay. These four gentlemen made the trip unforgettable, and the single greatest vacation any of us have ever been on. From their incredible knowledge of the Colorado River, hikes, wildlife, and history of the Grand Canyon; to the amazing food they cooked/prepared for us every morning, noon and night, nothing could have been better. I do not have one single suggestion for improvement, these guys were perfection. They were helpful in anyway possible, funny and educational, true professionals, and saying goodbye at the end of our trip brought tears to our eyes.

The hikes were amazing, views of scenery only found in books and movies. The guides took us to many different waterfalls and places to relax and beat the heat, in between rafting some awesome rapids down the river and camping under stars every night. The food was amazing, better than many restaurants you pay good money to eat at. Anyone who even “kind of” likes being outdoors MUST take this trip with Western River sometime in their lifetime. Thank you Western River, Joe, R.D, Tyler and Mackay for making this trip so epic and giving me and my family unforgettable memories!!!

This was the most amazing vacation my family has ever taken.

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