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Family Adventures


| October 11, 2017

We are an adult family of 3 people (parents and 21-yr old daughter) on a family adventure. This was the first time any of us ever experienced such a remote, UNPLUGGED, spectacular, unforgettable trip. There were 19 people in our group including families, grandparents with a grandchild, couples and single people.

We experienced the elements up close and personal including a major wind/sand/lightning/thunder/rain storm the first night in camp (our family was happy to learn how resourceful we were in keeping our tent dry and safe:) Such an awesome adventure! Every tour guide was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, considerate, and fun.

During the hottest parts of the day (over 100 degrees), we were given ample "pool is open" time to swim with our vests on our bodies in the cooling fast current of the mighty Colorado River. We shampooed our hair and shaved in the river (a first for all of us!). The meals were awesome as we were treated to steak, salmon, homemade pancakes and french toast to name a few. We even had ice cream! Our soulful Team Leader Alex read us moving excerpts from his book as we were gently swept down the river which added to the serene-natural environment of this amazing outdoor experience. We slept outside on our cots under a galaxy of stars and were witness to shooting stars and beautiful constellations. No lights for miles meant a real live planetarium effect! At 0300 we were dreamily awakened by a blinding moon sitting atop the highest red cliffs of the canyon; breathtakingly beautiful and clearly the work of God.

What a blessing to have had this experience, unforgettable.

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