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Family Vacation Ideas


| September 21, 2018

Our family vacation was an epic journey down a very spiritual canyon.

Western River Expeditions delivered in a big way. First the J Rig boat is unique and provided all of us a really fun, exciting rapid ride. My 12 year old daughter rode the waves like a rodeo bull and I loved every moment of watching her and my older boys scream with laughter and give each other high fives.

The Western guides (Stephen, Lucky, Joe and Ryan) were absolutely amazing. Great souls, one with the canyon and all around fun fellas. The food was awesome. Western has this down to a perfect science, including serving ice cream on day 4. Unbelievable. I was very impressed with the daily itineraries, including each day’s side canyon tours.

Finally, I loved how we all contributed to the experience. We weren’t pampered. My kids had to rough it a bit. It sucked at times for them, but in the end they looked back and said “we did that!” Trip of a lifetime!!!

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