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| October 31, 2012

What condition is our condition in?
~ My knees are wrapped against crinkle and crack
~ My hands are rough and raw
~ Lynn's knuckles are bruised and swollen
~ My cuticles are dry and scaly
~ My nails are ragged and ripped
~ Lynn's nails are split and suffering
~ My arms are a mass of bruises
~ Lynn's shins are barked and marked
~ My knuckles are swollen and sore
~ My butt is sore
~ My hips are stiff
~ Lynn's legs are scabbed
~ My knees are abraded and rock punctures
~ My thighs are tender to the touch
~ My lower legs are scraped and scabbed
~ my left foot and leg are doing all the work
~ My right ankle is sprained & swollen but will finally fit into Lynn's water shoe (thank you, dear husband)
~ My right foot is red, blue, yellow, green and purple
~ My right foot toes resemble little rainbow sausages crammed into shoes like vienna sausage in a jar
~ My hair is dry & brittle & tangled into a double bun
~ My face is more wrinkled than ever with not a tan, but a kind of mottled brownish red like a giant freckle
~ My head feels the altitude & last night's Patron
~ My heart is beating strong and happy

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