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Great Colorado River Adventure


| April 30, 2019

Everything about this Colorado River rafting trip was first class, from the pre-trip emails, the van ride to the airport, the small plane flight to Bar 10 Ranch, the helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the rafting trip itself, and the two bus rides back to the hotel in Vegas.

Every person we interacted with was friendly, welcoming, accommodating and professional. Riding on the raft was exciting. We started in the "chicken coop" and made our way to the front of the raft, screaming all the way (it's more fun if you scream!). There were plenty of comfort stops throughout the day and more food than we needed.

The food was wonderful from made to order fried eggs at breakfast, along with bacon, fruit, pancakes, sausage, and other breakfast items I can't remember. Snacks were plentiful and the build your own sandwiches at lunch along with salad choices were great. Nothing was missing.

Once at camp for the evening, the set up of the camp was quick and easy (once we learned how to assemble the tent and cots). The bathroom setup was sufficient and for being in the middle of nowhere was rather luxurious (i.e. the poo with a view). Evening meals were great and always started with an appetizer. Our guides even shared some ice for our adult beverages. One night we even had shrimp cocktail and cooked to order steaks. Oh, and the desserts were yummy too. We actually gained weight on this trip, that's how good and plentiful the food was. We were even provided a box lunch on the bus ride back to Vegas.

I highly recommend this trip with Western River. You won't be sorry.

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