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Great Trip with Great Guides Rafting in Utah


| August 23, 2018

We did a father-son trip rafting in Utah and it was fantastic.

The guidance ahead of the trip for packing was incredibly helpful and made for a great trip with everyone well prepared.

The scenery in Cataract Canyon is unbelievable and the hikes/lunch break and campsite were all great.

I have two comments which are intended to be constructive rather than a complaint. They are: (1) the flat water section of the trip was longer than I expected. I am not sure if there is an option given the river accessibility but if there is a place to start the rafting trip a little further down the river to cut out an hour (or two) of flat water before the whitewater starts, I think that would be worth considering. (2) somewhat related to #1 - if the trip can be started slightly further down river OR if the rafting can be started earlier on day 1 either of those options could help get the group to the whitewater slightly earlier in the day when the sun is still shining over the canyon. It may have just been our day was cloudy or chilly (in which case this suggestion is less useful) but by the time we were going through the rapids, the temperature had dropped 5-10 degrees and the sun was having a tough time clearing the canyon walls. Taking the rapids during a hotter part of the day would have been nice.

Overall, a fantastic trip and I'd love to do it again.

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