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It was obvious to me that the guides and Western River are in a class of their own.


| July 8, 2010

The "girls" in the office were wonderful, helpful, pleasent and professional. They made the resevation process and preparing for the trip very easy.

Other than bringing a fleece, which was certainly not necessary, the packing list was dead on for trip needs. It would have been nice to know that ice was available. A nice surprise, but would have altered my beverage choice slightly.

Newty and Shad were the greatest. Friendly, knowledgable and caring. I was extremely impressed with the guides. They made the trip. I was very happy they possessed and shared their knowledge of the river. Also, incorporated so much "off river" experiences. It was obvious to me that the guides and Western River Expeditions are in a class of their own. I am grateful that I chose Western River for my adventure.

I had very high expectations for this trip. It had been on my "bucket list" for 37 years. Western River Expeditions far exceeded my expectations, making it the trip of a lifetime.

Jeffrey - Sheyboygan, WI
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip - 7 Days

Western River Rafting Trip
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