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Life Altering – Colorado River Adventures


| May 30, 2014

I’m not your typical adventure-seeking individual.  I started this journey on the Colorado River out as a Photographer taking a workshop. I did not take as many images as I had hoped I would, instead I found myself in a situation very unfamiliar to me.

You see, I don’t camp or have any idea how too.  I found myself up against the elements of nature…cold, uninviting, obtrusive, scary!!  What the freaking hell was I thinking????  To top it off, I was all alone on this adventure.  Story of my Life!!  How do I get myself into these situations??

I know there had to be a purpose for me being here in the Grand Canyon. Everything we do in life has a lesson in it and I had to figure out what the hell was I being taught on this lesson. I learned how to put up and take down a tent, I learned how to bathe and do other things in nature; I realized that I was capable of taking care of myself in uncertain situations.  I also learned that it is okay to accept help when it is offered.

In a world so attached to technology, here was a place where you could not access it. I had so many questions and could not go to my friend google…I actually had to communicate with another human being, how unfamiliar!!  What would they think of me?  Such stupid questions! Would they think less of me??  I had no idea what to expect on this rafting adventure.

I also had to deal with actually being alone…by day 4, I realized I had started to depend a little too much on our Western River guides. They were awesome at taking care of us on this trip.  They got us through the whitewater rapids, they fed us, gave us interesting facts about the Colorado River we were venturing on and made each of us feel special.  I miss the conch shell waking me in the morning for coffee and breakfast.  Having all my fabulous meals fixed by someone else…speechless!!!!  (they also play guitar and sing beautifully!!) (yes my heart stopped).

I have left this adventure stronger than when I went in… I just wish I had really gotten to know everyone better. A few souls really touched my heart!!  Years ago, if you had asked me if I would do something like this I would have said No, but after actually experiencing it…All I can say is GO!!!  This is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list!  I can’t tell you how profound the sights are…beautiful; pictures just can’t do it justice!!  I plan on going again and often!!

FYI…”Save the Canyon”!!

Teresa - Indiana
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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