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We Lived and Breathed The Colorado for 4 Days


| October 28, 2016

Our first visit to Utah and to the stunning landscapes of Canyonlands. From the moment we "put in" to the Colorado River, we knew we were in good hands with our team of guides led by Alex. They were supremely knowledgeable about everything from the geology and history to survival and navigation. And they managed to learn everyone's name by the end of the first day. Plus their food and cooking would not be out of place in a good hotel never mind a temporary camp on a sandy river beach. And despite rafting from dawn til dusk (quite literally) in searing heat, they kept us entertained as well.

The trip was a perfect mixture of tranquility, sleeping out under the stars and relaxing on the rafts; and excitement and adventure once we hit the rapids. Our guides steered us through all 32 rapids and made us feel like we actually knew what to do once we hit the "big drops".

Our expectations were high before the trip but they were surpassed in every respect.

Thanks to Alex, Jon, Carter, Steve and Daniel.

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