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Natural Highs in the Deep Canyon


| May 25, 2010

The trip was everything I hoped for -- and much more. We lucked out and had just the one J-Rig on our trip, so our group got pretty close, pretty quickly.

I've read the rave reviews on this page from other travelers: "great trip, good food, terrific crew." Hard to believe anyone could match Craig and Amber in skill, knowledge, humor and just plain good-natured companionship. Their passion for the Grand Canyon was contagious. Maybe all of your guests feel this way, but I believe I got the WRE trip PLUS. Craig offered many interesting stories and details that simply had to spring from his love of the Canyon. It wasn't scripted; it was sharing years of reading and riding the river.

We had a diverse group, in both age and ability, and we all pulled together to make certain every person got to do everything s/he wanted. If it was challenging for one of us, the rest  helped out. If one of us wasn't sure of riding the rapid, one or two or three of us surrounded that person up front and we all rode screaming and whooping through some of the biggest white water in North America -- high-fiving each other that we made it! You don't find highs like that outside the Canyon.

Somehow the Canyon brought out the best in all of us. I didn't go looking for people on this trip. I went looking for the trip of a lifetime. What I got was an experience to which words can't do justice. My gratitude to each of you for your individual contributions and kindnesses shown to me during our time together. And until next time, as often as life allows, "Suck Rubber!"

Dayna - Zephyrills, FL
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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