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Not To Miss Bucket List – Colorado River Rafting Trip


| June 4, 2013

The Swamper  - On our Colorado River Rafting Trip

My geek chic lover describes the river as spiritual and life changing
Cliffs formed by rocks that were born before time
they would stare and brush your soul
My agnostic self could benefit from this
and so I believed my love and our plans were born

My doctor smiled and said "go for it"
Herniated disk - and a rafting trip? OK - be positive, be careful and and by all means pack drugs
I trusted her confidence in me - and in the river
and neither she nor I knew about Wiley, Ben, Lindsay and Jason

The Colorado River takes hold of us and carries us for miles (188? I think)
The river tests us
our hand strength
our core strength
and our ability to flex flat to the raft

I hit the rubber
I held the ropes
but the river lifted me without my permission
friends reached out
and Jason jumped and amidst the river monkeys found my face to assure I was OK

I held it together and touched the rubber again and again
The river gave in and allowed me a little control
Jason was there to trust
My lover was beside me
and my new friends cheered

The last landing
the last fire line
the last sunset
I'm finally finding ease by day 6 to openly ask the spot of the "pooper"
Jason responded - this time not to my safety - but to describe the beauty of the spot chosen
He says - oh wow - down that trail - its amazing
This is a man to be trusted
I walked confidently down the path
perched on the throne
and sat in awe of the river, the rocks and cliffs that surrounded me, the clear air
and thankful of all aspects of nature

Lyndon Evans - SC
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 / 7 Day

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