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Not Your Everyday Trip – Colorado River Adventures


| October 23, 2013

I was worried the rain would ruin the trip, but it truly added to this Colorado River adventure. With flash floods wiping out and carving out mountain sides it added to the white water rapids and changed the walls of the canyons.

With so much rain, life erupted everywhere. The walls were green and glowing with new growth. The storms would hold off and lightning would cover the sky for hours.

Our Western River guides would tell us so many stories. The history, the theories, the facts. Very knowledgeable. And funny. They made us feel like we were traveling with great friends.

Of course as we were out there away from reality, you always think of something else you could have brought with you to make life easier.

You are going to get wet. And stay wet for most of the trip. Lets just say, some places on your body do not get happy. We were joking at the end of our trip about having a bad case of 'sandgina'. :)

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Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

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