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Ode to Our Western River Guides – Colorado River Adventures


| July 16, 2015











Ode to Our Western River Guides

There once were four great guides in a gorge
All down the Colorado they forged
Over the rapids we pitched
On every fire line we bitched
But each of them joked and encouraged

The leader of the pack was called Mark
To his every word we all did hark
He was tall and stoic
His grilling heroic
He led us through the national park

And on J6 was Scott the singer
He was the entertainment ringer
After all the chicken shells
Set up, break down, dinner bells
Someday in Nashville he will linger

The captain of nineteen was the Shad
Many tales both true and 'un' he had
A few words were bologna
But he knew schist from tuna
And all his stories made us so glad

The first mate on nineteen was Travis
He's back on the river, no novice
He had to carry our crap
Both to the bushes and back
But his jokes delighted all of us

For a vacation Jason had hope
But the rest of the crew said, "Oh, nope"
Driving boats he was not able
He sat up and broke down tables
Still he ran rocks like a mountain goat

The crew treated us as queens and kings
They told us of rocks and other things
Riding the waves like demons wild
Cooking our meals like Julia Child
WR boys show all the canyon brings

There once were four guys in a canyon
Rafting along as close companions
They worked from day break to night
To ensure our trip was right
And we salute them as our champions

Mona - Fayetteville, AR
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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