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One of Those Vacations You Want to Repeat! Family Adventure Vacations


| August 21, 2012

We booked this family adventure vacation about a year in advance. It had always been on my bucket list. We talked with some friends who had been on the same trip a few years before and wanted to do it again. When they asked us to go, I jumped at the chance not really giving anyone else in the family a say (my husband and our two sons, 15 & 13). Even though we camp as a family and have lived in Arizona for 17 years, I was the only one who had seen the Grand Canyon and that was from the edge.

Expressed hesitations ran rampant in our house for the entire year. They ranged from camping logistics to river water temps to my husband being out of pocket for a whole week. All of those concerns were immediately eliminated as soon as we set off. Yes, the water is cold, but the air is hot! I don't think I'ver been so excited to get hot and cold in the same hour of the day.

The food was delicious! We never went hungry and it was amazing what they made for all of our meals. I certainly wasn't expecting meals to be that yummy!

Our guides--RD, Brian, Parker and Wren--were the most gracious hosts! Parker's knowledge of the Grand Canyon: the geology, history, folklore were so interesting. RD's piloting of the rapids and own stories made the river exciting!  Brian and Wren (on the other boat) were active participants in the fun onshore activities and hikes!  Not to mention these guys are great stewards of the canyon.  It was amazing to know that most of these sites were only accessible by river and truly unspoiled.  AND the rapids....a blast!

My husband didn't think about work once (a major milestone)! Not having cell phones, video games and tv made for great family connections. 

We've traveled to a lot of places and there are not many places we would do as repeat vacations. This trip is definitely one we want to repeat. We're thinking 2015!
I have so many favorite photos, so choosing one was difficult. I do love this one because of the background and the look on our son's face. Pure fun.

Kate - Sierra Vista, AZ
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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