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Perfect Family Vacation


| December 18, 2018

We might have got lucky, but I can't imagine a better vacation for a family. Instead of us being "entertained", we were enthralled with the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, the rapids, a full sky of stars, and engaging activities that our awesome guides prepared (like hikes, water fights and talent shows). Like most vacations, instead of having to worry about food and transportation, we got to relax and enjoy as our guides made us (seriously) delicious food and navigated the river seamlessly.

Even for a family of non-campers, there was so much preemptive attention in all the details like going to the bathroom, washing hands, cleaning up, etc, we found camping to be so comfortable and not at all as stressful as we feared. The guides were skilled and knowledgeable, positive and personable. All in all, our trip was the perfect combination of excitement and calmness, of planned activities and downtime. We're walking away from our trip with unforgettable memories, new friendships, and a closer family.

Thank you, Western, for the magic that you create for families.

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