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| August 28, 2018

My wife and I took our almost 10-year old son on the Southwest Sampler Vacation in early was my wife's first "expedition" in over 13 years, and I was nervous.

Everything about the trip, however, was top notch and had smooth transitions. The hotel stay was very enjoyable and had a large room, and we even enjoyed the pool and washed our clothes before traveling home. Everything you need is within walking, groceries, used and new outdoor gear, etc.

Western River provided excellent pre-trip information, and the travel to and from each sampler trip was great. This package was a perfect "get your feet wet" to the outdoors, and the scenery was breath-taking. Just the right amount of time for each portion of the Moab Vacation Sampler, however, now I can't wait to spend weeks doing each and every activity. I will definitely consider doing the Sampler package again.

My son enjoyed his birthday celebration, and they even sang Happy Birthday to him at sunset on the river bank where we camped. My wife fell in love with the outdoors, and we even had the opportunity to bath in the river, swim some very mild rapids, and enjoyed the amazing scenery around every corner. The provided food and snacks were satisfying.

Hiking, Hummer Safari, Rafting, Camping...the Sampler was excellent. We even arranged to stay an extra night and do additional rock climbing the next day, and Western River Expeditions made the additional itinerary seamless. Excellent adventure all the way around!!

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Moab Utah - Southwest Sampler Vacation
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