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Rafting in Utah


| July 5, 2019

We did this rafting trip when the Colorado River was running 45,000 cfs in Cataract Canyon. That's a huge volume of water and very a very exciting day section in the rapids. The other two days were slow, with no rapids. This trip was short and sweet.

Positives: The J-rig can handle a lot! The Western River crew were unfailingly attentive, friendly and pulled some applause-worthy meals every day.

Not so great: The weather was hotter than we found easy to deal with (in early June), and there was absolutely no shade in any of the 3 campsites. Energy-sapping. (One can only wonder at the stamina of the crew who had the herculean task of preparing and serving meals - before, during and after working all day on the river while taking care of everyone all day).

We have completed the 6-night Grand Canyon trip with Western River, and would both recommend and repeat it any day.

We cannot say the same about Cataract Canyon, just not as awesome (other than the catering and one day of rapids). A great short 3-day trip with 1 day of awesome rapids.

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