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Rafting in Utah


| July 29, 2019

The wife and I had a great time rafting in Utah.

The Western River Expeditions guides were fantastic, well trained and friendly. The Colorado River was running a week shy of predicted higher water levels due to the later than predicted season melt off from the Wasatch down the Green River.

Dinner was excellent and well prepared. Tents, cots and sleeping bags were clean and set up easily. We had a good group that engaged well with one another and enjoyed good conversation learning about who each of us were. The weather was nice. The scenery absolutely beautiful. I found what turned out to be a 5" x 2" chuck of petrified wood right on the beach at the campsite! The stars were amazing at night, so clear and bright. Everyone had fun and nobody got hurt. Glad I wore a shorty wet suit and ATV goggles to enable me to sit right up front and enjoy taking the rapids head on.

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