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River Men – Colorado River Adventures


| May 29, 2015

They steer the rafts; they stow the gear;
they brave the rapids year by year,
beloved by all whose lives depend
upon the skills of river men.

To sleep with one eye on the raft
and guard the rations, fore and aft,
is crucial in the hinterland.
It takes a steady river man.

They hold their tongues at folks complaining
when it’s cloudy, cold, or raining—
knowing one must not offend
the gallant code of river men.

With camp set up, and rafting done,
they’ll work in cheerful unison
to feed their floating caravan
the supper of a river man.

They show us how to meet duress
with poise and cool preparedness.
For who knows what comes round the bend?
Be ready, like the river men.

David - WI
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