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SPECTACULAR Family Adventure Vacation!


| September 5, 2012

We loved it all on our family adventure vacation!!

Craig, our Hummer guide, was terrific! We were terrified at first, but quickly learned just how experienced and professional he was! He was outstanding!

We also went on the overnight rafting trip on the Colorado River with Taylor, Chris, Ryan, McKenna and Libby...and we can't say enough good things about them. McKenna was absolutely perfect as the guide for the "girls" raft...the girls ranged from 8-11 years old. They loved her! Ryan lead the "boys" raft -- boys were 8-14...and they loved him as well. Chris guided the adults and Taylor and Libby drove the gear boat. I joked with the other parents that we didn't know babysitting the kids was included. Excellent experience...thanks to their outstanding efforts. I would hire any one of these students in a heartbeat!

Melissa - Frederick, MD
Utah - Southwest Sampler Vacation 4 Day

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