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What A Fun, Carefree And Rejuvenating Escape! Colorado River Adventures


| May 21, 2013

Our Western River guides, Ronnie and Newtie took fabulous care of us, ushering and guiding us through the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, explaining its flora and fauna, its geology and its history. They cooked for us and taught us the details of eco-considerate camping. They took care of the toilet for all of us. And they entertained us with music! We got right to familiar and personal matters, and none of us were strangers.

We hung on to the ropes of the "J" rig through the whitewater and yelled and got soaked and really cold in the lurching rapids, and we got really dry in the sun and warm air in the calm stretches. We tried to absorb the surroundings of where we were in the colorful days, and in the starry nights as we tried to sleep. We had all we needed.

Amy - Knox, near Albany NY
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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