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| May 25, 2010

This trip is truly an adventure of a lifetime. The food was/is always first class, as are the campsites. Our river guides, Craig, Trent, Mark and Cash, always had our best interest at heart and were always very patient with all our questions.

A few of the rapids on our trip were very rough, but I never felt scared because I had complete faith in our guides. I just knew everything would be ok. This was our second trip and I am still amazed at how much our guides know about the geology, wildlife, culture and the Grand Canyon in general. It's a pleasure to travel with these folks and I would love to travel with them again. Christy and Brent were also on our trip and they added a lot to the safety and pleasure on the trip. They worked very hard to make each person at ease and comfortable. I don't think that I could or would expect anything more from the guides. They worked very hard to give us the best whitewater rafting trip possible. Thank you!

Cora and Bob - Santa Anna, CA
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
Western River Rafting Trip
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