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Why choose Western River Expeditions for a Grand Canyon Rafting Tour?


| June 17, 2010

I'm often asked this question - Why should I choose Western River Expeditions over other outfitters in the Grand Canyon to provide my Colorado River Rafting vacation?

Here's just a few of the great reasons.
1 - Western has the best guides & leaders.
2 - Western has the newest equipment and rafts and is the only one with the j-rig.
3 - Western's trips are all-inclusive.
4 - Western provides deluxe camping equipment.
5 - Western has delicious dining - the best meals on the river!
6 - Western is family friendly and their trips are also great for solo travelers.
7 - Western's guides & leaders care about your river safety.
8 - Western cares for the environment - their green friendly.

Do you really need more reasons than that?  If so, call me at 1-800-453-7450.

Sandy - Salt Lake City, UT
Western's Grand Canyon Reservation Manager
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