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Wonderful Family Experience


| September 28, 2016

We had a wonderful family experience on the 5 day Desolation Canyon trip (mom, dad and 6 year old son). Our three wonderful river guides (Drew, Ryan and Oliver) were a huge factor contributing to our enjoyment and comfort in Deso'. They were very hospitable and super friendly, they really treated us like family. You could definitely tell the culture at the company was great because you could feel it in the their great attitude throughout the trip. Or, maybe we got really lucky with three great people. We could not have asked for better guides than Drew, Ryan and Oliver. We will remember our time together for life and consider them to be part of our extended family.

I was very impressed with setup from start to end. You could tell years of experience and training went into making this such a smooth, safe and comfortable experience for us. The simplest things like having ice cold water and lemonade at all times to having a impressive medical kits on board. We had to use the minor kit for little cuts and the major kit for flushing bug spray out of one's eyes. The food was much better than expected for an outdoor camping trip. It was like they put a portable restaurant on the raft. We had hot and cold drinks, homemade ice cold root beer, ice cream, eggs, bacon, fresh ripe local fruit, a variety of dutch oven desserts, steak, pancakes, shrimp, salad, fresh veggies, pasta, etc. I can't even remember everything we ate but we definitely had more than enough and it was a pleasant surprise each day. Especially impressive considering everything was stored in coolers in our rafts for 5 days on the hot river.

I don't even know how to start describing the beauty and tranquility of floating down Deso' and sleeping on cots under the clear starlit skies. The views were breathtaking and surreal. It was a pleasure waking up in the middle of the night to look at the new cluster of stars above you. I even saw three shooting stars. It makes sleeping indoors so sad now. The stars, moon and Canyon backdrops in Deso' are truly unforgettable.

I would highly suggest this trip for those who want a unique outdoor experience and true quality time with the family and new friends. Of course, there are downsides like the deer flys biting you, hot sun beating down, and constant application of sunblock. However, this trip is the most luxurious way to experience rafting and camping you could ever imagine. This might ruin any future family outdoor adventures we go on because we have been so spoiled.

Keep up the great work!!

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