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Working for Western River Expeditions

Kamron Wixom Profile PhotoHello there, my name is Kamron Wixom and I guided for Western River through the 1990's on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. I am thrilled to be able to work for this great company now marketing these incredible trips to anyone who will take notice!

When I was guiding full time for Western, I always felt it a privilege to be working for the best river rafting outfitter with the best rafting trips in the west. All of Western's equipment was top notch, not to mention the j-rig being the best motor rig for a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

Being a Western guide always meant doing something more for the guests than would ordinarily happen while river rafting on the Colorado River. It was a price all of us guides were eager to pay for the chance to show "our canyon" to folks who didn't yet have a clue just how impacted their lives would be by the rivers and canyons we'd come to love.

Now, working as a full time employee in the offices headquartered in Salt Lake City, I have come to see first hand what I suspected all along as a seasonal guide: the company culture of doing the absolute best job you can permeates every level of the company.

The best part about all of it is that it is genuine and not manufactured for "better results".  Along with all the tangibles that make Western one of the best rafting outfitters on the planet, I believe Western has the best rafting vacations because of something intangible, something we have named "The Western Way".

That's my humble opinion of course, but there seems to be plenty of guests and former guides who agree! Join us on our Facebook Page (or post something right here in the blog) and tell us your story!

Kam Wixom

Kam began guiding in the Grand Canyon in 1991, met & guided with his wife in 2000, and is the proud daddy of 5 kids. He now works as the Marketing Director for Western River Expeditions.

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