double click60 Rapids in 6 Days!! Relaxing Anyway.
6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

60 Rapids in 6 Days!!

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Brian N. - Washington, Usa | May 12, 2022

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Hats off to Western Rivers especially our guides RD and Emily!!

This was my second Grand Canyon float; my first was 50 years ago. The people look older; what’s up with that?

Hours of comfortable relaxed conversation in the warm sun, sitting or reclining or bouncing on a big raft. Their J-rigs make a comfortable ride. Most of the rapids are exciting ripples and bumps with a cooling spray. A few of them demand holding on tight and you get soaked. We received a little pep and safety talk prior to each big one, always safe and exhilarating!

Our weather was perfect. We were chilly or hot occasionally for an hour or two, mostly warm. By following the detailed packing instructions WRE gave online we were all well prepared.

RD and Emily were our incredible guides. They were constantly in conversation with us as a group or conversing off to the side with a smaller group. Full of geologic and human history of The Canyon, enthusiastically presented. Emily brings a book collection which she consults and passes around for more in-depth information.

The guides WORK HARD. Up at dawn starting coffee, creating 3 meals a day. With a wide assortment of camping kitchen accoutrements, they came up with amazing meals for breakfast and dinner. Lunch was also great; usually sandwiches. Alway fresh vegetables and fruit.

Some slept in the open gazing at the incredible stars, some in the tents.
After the first demonstration of setting up your campsite, we got pretty efficient at setting up and taking down . The equipment was top notch!!

This would be a Great Trip for a family or friend group. We were 14 people who were strangers at the beginning and great friends at the end.

A word about The Value. This is expensive and quality equipment and food, floating down 188 miles of river after being set up at Lees Ferry. Then it’s broken down and trucked in a semi back to their warehouse to be cleaned and washed for the next trip.
It involves two Twin Otter plane rides over the GC and a short helicopter ride out of the canyon to the Bar 10 ranch. There is an unseen army of cleaners and stackers and organizers at the warehouse and in SLC. They all are making a living doing this.

In retrospect with all that considered…it is a Great Deal!!

RD and Emily make their living doing this and they work hard sunup to sundown. The tip is the majority of their pay and boy do they earn it!

5 stars! I think I’ll do it again.!!

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